Thursday, May 24, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN
 BEFORE GOING OUT FOR DINNER I just love these moment of the day, while getting ready for a party, an event or even for a dinner with friends. Choosing the outfit, using perfumes and creams, getting the make-up done : it's such a relaxing and pleasant ritual for any woman. But of course, I am always in a lack of time : I could get ready for hours and hours. Not because I apply ten coats of make-up and do extremely complicate hair up-do's but because I like doing it all slowly, listening to music, having a coffee at the same time. Might sound weird but it's actually a big tradition which can sometimes annoy James who waits on me for hours ( sorry about that, not my fault if I am as slow as a turtle). Each time, before heading to an event I get very happy and excited, and taking my time during the preparation ritual the makes me savour each second of this peaceful and feminin athmosphere.  So here are some picture James shot at our hotel room in Paris before heading for dinner. I was wearing that day a glitter Windsor dress with some golden jewerly from Edge of Ember. Of course, I couldn't resist my new pair of Jimmy Choos Anouk Stilettos and decided to wear them during the evening.
Hope you guys will enjoy this couple of pictures!

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