Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN

GUESS WHAT IS IN MY TUMBLER? Coffee... For sure. Those past days have been so stressfull, and I barely manage to find a minute to post. Oh I am really looking forward to summer and especially to the end of my high school, perhpas it doesn't looks like from the outside but blogging is like a job, well it is at least for me as I began to take this activity very serioulsy last year. I want to share as much as I can with my readers and to do so it is good to be present as much as possible on the blog. I am lucky to have James and my family to help me out of course, but I wish I could spend a little more quality time ( especially by answering to all your sweet comments and e-mails, I read all of them).Now back to the outfit of the day, here I am dressed in little mustard pot walking around with my tumbler. I bought this dress in topshop when I was in Dubai, and I think it will look great during summer. To make more winter-like I matched it to my Miu Miu glitter pumps, a new coat I just got from www.sheinside.com, some cozy tights and a new www.romwe.com bag! What do you think about it? I am back to work, talk to you on twitter folks! (www.twitter.com/kayture.com)

DRESS : Topshop
BELT : Mount Affaire

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