Sunday, January 29, 2012


PASTEL SHADES 2011 was all about neon flashy colours, for me this upcoming 2012 spring means pastel, mint, lavender and ligh pink will rock my closet that's for sure. Have you seen the last Louis Vuitton campaign? Well that is exactly what I am talking about, light tons, elegance and a little candy ambiance.
James and were in a great mood when we shot this couple of pictures, he just received the Alexis magazine where he was featured and finished school really early. The weather was perfect, we decided to go for lunch in an italian restaurant by the lake and then make a few pictures of my outfit of the day. What do you think about this cotton candy inspired coat? I sear, my heart melted as soon as I saw in on I though it would look perfect with my little pink Chanel bag and a peachy coloured shirt. What do you think about it?

RINGS : Follie Follie
BAG : Chanel
SHOES : Zara

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