Monday, December 26, 2011


Pictures by JAMES VYN

CARROT FAUX-FUR Christmas was great, I had such a lovely time celebrating with James and his family. We were yesterday in Montreux at his place for a huge feast. At the menu : roasted turkey, baked patatoes, delicious traditional ham and a lot more. I swear I couldn't even close my pants because I ate so much, but yeah it is only authorized for Christmas isn't it? We exchanged a few little gifts and I had such a lovely time catching up with everybody. I just love this kind of evening...The athmosphere was so warm and cozy, all those gifts and food, kids and music : nothing is quite better in winter than that. I can't wait to show you some we pictures we made.
 Because I am originally orthodox ( I was born in Belarus), our Christmas party is on the 6th if January instead of the usual 24th of December. This is the reason why I was away from my family, but I am so excited to party with them for New Year's Eve in Dubai. 
How was your Christmas?

James and I decided to stay in Montreux the next day. After a breakfast made of christmas cookies and hot tea we went out to the port where the view is simply unbelievable. I decided to wear my new carrot-fur scarf ( didn't you know that corrots were... furry?), I like to call it that way because of it's excentric colour. But you know how much I love organge tangerine shade, when I saw it in Zara the other day I just couldn't resist. The scarf is matched to the pants I got at, and I picked out some black and blue elements to finish the outfit. The bag was another gift I received from, it is called ''shopper bag'' and it is so usefull. You can put so many things in it, exactly what a girl needs!

COAT : It's my boyfriends coat, thanks to James for lending it to me!
SHIRT : Forever 21
SCARF : Zara
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ''Vegas Volt''
JEWERLY : Parfois

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