Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Pictures by JAMES VYN

CAPELINE As you can see I keep on going with my protest against winter jackets, I truly hate the cold and hate the need of hiding clothes with warm vests during fall which is actually usually much warmer in Switzerland at this time of year than it is now. I guess I will have to keep on suffering a few months, but it is worth it. Sometimes fashion is worth sacrifices. However I won't lie to you, I did have that day a warm coat with me, I simply don't show it. Sneaky isn't it?

This outfit has been a lot inspired by the eighties, with the big trend from those times of wide pants and a little boho chic attitude. I always loved taking some inspirations from the past for my outfits and making them new, therefore I paired these amazing Isabel Lu camel wide pants to a classic knitwear sweatshirt from www.romwe.com. The accessories are the key of the outfit, a capeline, same bangles from www.salylimon.com and an Ipad case I received from www.lodis.com. You are perhaps wondering what shoes I am wearing underneath that pants? I let you guess, it was a bit sad to hide them.

PANTS : Isabel Lu
IPAD CASE : www.lodis.com

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