Tuesday, July 26, 2011



SUMMER SEA AND COCKTAILS During our trip in greece we had the chance to visit the best beach clubs in Paros, thanks to a greek friend of us who was our guide for the whole week. My favorite one must have been Punda Beach, it is such a fun place : people are dancing on the best clubbing music in swimwear while drinking some fruit beverages. The ambiance was all about party and we danced all day long.

I took with me two bikinis, I always like to change my bikini after swimming to feel a bit warmer. The first and my most favorite summer bikini is the one from Vitamin A, a great brand for swimwear. The other orange one is from h&m, I was so happy when I found it : my orange-obession still goes on. Maybe I have danced to much, because now that I look at my skin , I feel a bit disappointed : I really wished to get brown as chocolate, guess I'll just stay white yoghurt.

BIKINIS : Vitamin A ( green one ), H&M ( orange one)

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