Saturday, July 23, 2011


PIRATE'S ADVENTURES To fully enjoy our stay in Paros we decided to rent a boat for one day, it took us through some beautiful small islands in the area while we relaxed and watched the beautiful landscapes in front of us. I have already been a few times on a boat, but I must admit that this time was really special to me. I standed on the border of the boat while it was running at it's highest speed and saw the sea dancing, it was such an amazing emotion and feeling. So I decided to make a wish and drop a coin in the ocean, just for luck.

That day, I decided to wear my new greek sandals I have bought the day before, with my mimosa chanel polish they looked even better. The weather was really hot, and sometimes when the boat stoppped, we jumped in the ocean to take a refreshing swim. I even got the chance to take control of the boat for a couple of minutes!

SANDALS : greek souvenir shop / SHIRT : H&M / SHORTS : Zara

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