Tuesday, July 19, 2011


38° When we arrived in Paros a few days ago, I was totally amazed by how hot it was on this little island. Since I am living in Swiss, not a very warm country, being in such a hot place where it is almost 40 degree is pretty unusual for me. I have took with me many gorgeous outfits but for the first day I decided to wear something really simple since we were renting our quads and moto bikes for the week.

After having lunch in a little snack bar where we ate a club sandwich, it was time to take a little walk in the port of Paros with all it's beautiful boats and little souvenir shops. I found a beautiful clover bracelet made of silver. Afterwards we were heading at the beach, so no complicated outfit for me that day, it was all about summer simplicity with a white tank top over my turquoise bikini, my peach shorts and the green sandals paired to the bikini.

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